VideoReel Review and The Feature Breakdown

In this VideoReel review, we are here to help you understand about the software from team Vega 6. The app has been a successful launch on Jvzoo back in 2017 and 4 years later, we have the version 2.0, which is totally different from the first version. Before you buy that product, instead of just thinking about negative action like to claim refunds, you should understand about the software value + benefit at first from reading its features today.

Features 01: Tons of Video Templates

This tool is different from the version 1 because it’s totally depended on the video template. And they are not used for making a long video, they are all about making short video ads. Therefore, you don’t create video with freedom, you just create from the animation format, transition format from the product creator.

These templates can be used for various online niche projects and they are super flexible for you to edit these video templates. So, don’t worry if you can not create video from scratch here because the app is all about to save your time creating a video.

Features 02: Video Generator

As stated above, we don’t create from scratch, we create using pre-made template, pre-made animation plus the transition. With that being said, you only need to edit + customize the text, the image from the app.

To edit image, you can upload from your own PC or you can use the Pixabay stock image, which can be searched and imported directly into the app. And for the image, you can edit the text content and the font color, that’s all you have to do with this flexible editor.

Feature 03: Publish Video Directly into Integrated Account

You don’t need to download video and then re-upload it again. Instead of that, just need to integrate your Facebook and Youtube account to syndicate video directly into social media. And with the integration with apps like Syvid, Livereel, you can even publish on external social media like Tumblr, WordPress, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest and a lot other to gain social sharing backlink.

After posting this brief introduction about the product, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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