Vidjack Review and The Feature Breakdown

Today in my Vidjack review, we are here to break you down the features and the core value for those who are using an app from Ifiok Nkem. The app has reflected the name itself but we want you to understand more in depth about their product and what’s the core value you are getting as a customer from this high quality service, software provider.

Features 01: Integration with Autoresponder + Webinar Services

This allows you to integrate many autoresponder services, many webinar services with API Key. In case the service you are using is not listed here, then, you still have an option to embed an HTML Code into your video editor. With autoresponder connection, you can import the leads collected from your video player into that app so you can send direct welcome message to audiences (you must set it up and assign your list before sharing and spreading your videos) and you can send a webinar event, webinar video room to your leads.

Features 02: Collect Optin/Get Leads

There’s a lot Optin Form preset and templates from this video editor. In case you choose the HTML option, for sure,the form would not as beautiful and attractive as the from from this preset.

Features 03: Sell and Advertise Products

One powerful features we have is to sell products directly with the app. You have two options: use the In-built payment by copy paste your Stripe API, Paypal Sandbox to enable payment through Paypal, Visa and Credit Card. The second option is to provide link to external pages, and in most case, the external link here are direct links to salespages and/or checkout pages (you can use top providers like Paykickstart, Thrivecart, Samcart) to start selling products online. What a nice features for ecommerce, product selling.

Features 04: Rewarding System

This is about to make a perk to keep the video retention rate. The reward here can be coupon, can be an URL or a downloadable file (like zip file) can you require people to watch that full video before they download your bonus reward.

After posting this Vidjack review, we hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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