10XSocial Review and The Feature Breakdown

In this 10XSocial review, we are here to help you understand about the product and the feature of the product. And that’s where we publish this review article. As you know, before you buy a tool online, you should always understand about it at first especially the value you are getting from the product creator.

Features 01: Embed Chat Widget

This feature allows you to embed a messenger script plugin into your website, blog and sales funnel. The main benefit of the app is to make bot response based on the comment keyword. That’s why you need to provide chat script to website so that people can send direct message to you directly on your website without the need to visit your Facebook Fan Page. You can provide Chat plugin, provide a m.me links to share people.

Features 02: Create and Assign Bot

This is where you buy the software from Tecki Product Lab (owned by Robert Emi) and Kv Social (Kv Company limited, owned by Neil Napier) and this is the best feature of the tool. So, you setup the bot response to people who write a message towards your Facebook fanpage. And i suggest you to disable chat as guest mode on Facebook so that you only reach the real audiences.

The comment response can be used in various way, it can be a card with button link redirection, it can be an audio file, it can be a video file (or link to your FB watch video) or a usual Product/Service recommendation or just a text.

After posting this brief introduction about my 10xSocial review, i hope that you have understand a bit about the software. And the proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:


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