Meetvio Evolution Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy a product on the internet, it’s highly needed for you to understand about the features and the top value of the the tool. So, we publish this Meetvio Evolution review article as a way to break you down the features and the top benefits when buying the tool.

Features 01: Send Reminder Emails

When people enter their email in the webinar registration page, it doesn’t mean people will remember the time when your webinar goes live, so, you need the features to send automatic reminder email here.

And there’s one thing we can assure with you, well, you don’t have to provide any SMTP Access key or login credentials because the reminder emails will be sent from their plattform with zero extra costs for you. Since the time it was developed and sold on the market, it has sent numerous emails for that so the reputation is good here.

Features 02: Record Live Stream Webinar

You can make and broadcast a real live webinar. With that real webinar, you can share your own screen and even share your own camera all in one place. To engage with your audience, you can make a share chat with them, well, it’s like you are using Zoom but through a web application instead of desktop version.

Features 03: Make Event Registration Page/Option to Embed It

After you create an event, then, you will have a link, which is going to be the registration link. And you can share that link to any place you want, or, you have option to embed the HTML form into any external website builder, landing page builder.

After posting this brief introduction about this Meetvio Evolution review, i hope that you have already understand about it. And for sure, it’s a great app that anyone should try and benefit. To proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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