Vidperk Review and The Feature Breakdown

In this Vidperk review, we are here to help you understand about the software feature and its core benefit. Before you buy any tool, you should know it first instead of always thinking about to request refund without any action plan.

Features 01: Built-in Video Templates

They are pre-made templates to be used to interest people to continue watching your video. And you don’t need to waste time brainstorming what you insert, you just need to choose their templates and then customize your text instead of that.

Features 02: Set Required Watching Time

The main benefit of using this tool is to keep the video retention rate at high level. So, we need to set required time for people to watch until they can download your bonus. To me, i usually require people to watch some minutes so that they can watch and cover my content, that’s totally enough.

Features 03: Insert Bonus Download Links

They continue watching your video because they want to download your bonus. And when people have watched full total amount of required time, then, you can provide the bonus download link for people. You can customize, design and add redirect link into the editor.

Features 04: Generate Embed Code

Once you have finished, then, you have a ready to go embed code. And of course, this html code should work for any website builder, webpage builder. For the video width and the video height, you can still customize too and then provide into the custom html section of any page editor.

After posting this brief introduction about the app, we hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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