AvatarBuilder Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy a product on the internet, it’s highly needed for you to understand about the feature and the core benefits when using that product. So, we publish this AvatarBuilder review as a way to break you down all the features you get inside this Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar’s app.

Features 01: Support Multiple Video Types

You don’t just make a usual spokeperson video as from Video Robot, in fact, it supports various videos type you want such as a Type Writer, Box text with Static or Lines Reveal and a lot other video type. This is to prevent you from making just one style video, which makes your audiences feel boring.

Features 02: Pre-Made Local Video Templates

They are pre-made templates to be used for local business. However, if you want as much templates as from the above screenshot, you must buy upgrades because you don’t have much in the front end account. As you know, many of the buyers from this app are local business, agency owners so that they want to monetize from providing video rendering, video creation services and charge high fee. Thanks to the pre-made templates, we can kickstart the business and create tons of videos in bulk faster and charge more fee to clients.

Features 03: Text to Speech Engine with Lip-Sync + Text Translation

Like VideoRobot, this tool also provides text to speech features, which comes with lip-sync and this ensures your video to be more natural and realistic. The text to speech feature is using the Amazon Polly engine and as you know, it’s the best engine to provide human natural voice speech. You can translate from English into external languages and others in contrast.

Featurse 04: Slide Generator

Don’t make a super long and big slide because people won’t continue to watch video. So, you need to cut slide and lucky you, we are not limited about to amount of video slides to make and render.

After posting this brief introduction about the app, i hope that you have understand about it. And 100%, this is a great application that any marketer should try, use and test.To proceed further information related to this AvatarBuilder review, please, jump into the below resources:


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