GrabVid Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy Grabvid, a product from Neil Napier, founder of many successful business project, you should understand about it at first. This Grabvid review will show you exactly what you need to understand before you make your purchase.

Features 01: Video Transcribe

Like the name itselfs, it does actually grab a video and turn its caption into content. Within clicks, the video caption, the voice speech will be turned into article like you can see.

And remember, you absolutely don’t need to enter any Google Cloud API, create Cloud Bucket or Youtube API to search for video content in the video finder section.

Features 02: 1 Click Video Translation

Once you have the content, now, you can translate it into external languages. And it uses Google Translate Artificial Intelligent Cloud Computing to translate the content so it’s meaningful and relevant to your original language. This is important to help people understand what you are saying on your video.

Features 03: Text to Speech Voiceover

After you transcribe the video, you can choose Voice-over for your language. With the type from the app, 100%, the voice is from Google Wavenet but don’t worry, i don’t see it robotic, it’s still humanistic and people like you can trust the voice generated from this app.

Features 04: Video Background Template

When you grab a video, you just collect the Speech and the Caption, but, the entire content, it will be rebranded and repurposed. You can upload footage, your own video and the app or just simply choose the friendly video template from the application.

Features 05: Drag & Drop Video Editor

Once you have chosen the template, you will visit the next step, which is this one. You have full control to your video layout and video content plus option to preview it before you hit render.

After posting this brief introduction about Grabvid, i hope that you have understand about it. To procceed further information, you can visit the following resources:

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