Animaytor Reloaded Review and The Features Breakdown

Before you buy Animaytor Reloaded, a product from Brett Ingram and Mo Latiff (co-owner of Socifeed), you need to understand about it at first instead of buying to try and then request refund. This Animaytor Reloaded review will show you exactly what you need to understand at first.

Features 01: Explainer Video Template

There are tons of cartoon video animation template that you can edit immediately. These templates are made for Explainer Style Video and small text customization + background will boost your video engagement rate.

Features 02: Hundreds of Fonts

You are not limited to lock in a Fonts for a specific video template, instead, you can customize for your own usage, your audience based and the type of your marketing video.

Features 03: Tons of Animated Character

With explainer style video, animated characters are playing an important role. Inside the library, there are tons of Cartoon character with Actions, Effects for you to choose from so you can avoid using the same character over and over.

Features 04: Video Slider Presentation

If you don’t create a usual cartoon/explainer style video, you can create by making an animated Video Slide instead.

Features 05: Audio Library

In the library, there are tons of Background Audio File, Soundtracks that you can insert directly into your video editor. But in case there’s no file you need, well, you can still upload from your Computer, remember, with this desktop app, it’s all about freedom.

Features 06: Video Shapes/Objects

As an animated video, shapes are something we can not miss, that’s where the Shapes with Animation Feature (Fade in-Fade Out-Cut, etc) comes in to you.

After posting this brief introduction about Animaytor, i hope that you have understand the features as well the value it is bringing to buyers like you. To proceed further information, you can visit the following resources:

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