Speechelo Review (The Upsell) Features Breakdown

Congratulation on your Front end purchase with Speechelo. Before you buy any upgrade, you can read my Speechelo review (in upsell version) to understand how it works and is it needed to buy an upgrade of Speechelo.

Features 01: Background Video

If you have the fear in using licensed audio file as a background audio, don’t worry. You can use the custom soundtracks from Blastersuite membership instead. They are royalty-free licensed audio file and they are 100% better quality than usual Stock Asset, Audio Footage you get for free from Pixabay online.

And there are over 40+ background audios (will increase in the future) for you to choose from to prevent overlap & distraction.

Features 02: Import Video Caption

This feature is only accessible if you buy the OTO 2 Speechelo Tube. It can import an existing Youtube video caption into your content.

To my personal opinion, this is not really a unique feature (as i have seen in other software such as DoodleMaker, Content Gorilla) but definitely a cool thing you can try

Features 03: 1 Click Translating the Video

You can use the video caption you imported from Youtube or you can translate any text, word into external language with this OTO 2 Tube Add-on Upgrade.

Features 04: Merge Audio Files

Many people are scared about paying quarterly for Speechelo Pro version. If this stops you from success, well, don’t worry, you can create as many audio file as you want, then, merge them into 1 complete audio file, this will not just save your time but also to avoid seeing your credit card get charged after 3 months since the first payment.

In case you have not bought the main offer, please proceed into this URL.



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