Vidicious Review and The Features Breakdown

Before you buy Vidicious, a product from Andrew Darius, you should understand about the features and the value it is bringing to customers like you at first. This Vidicious review will provide you the feature overview of this desktop application (Mac-Win Compatible)

Features 01: Video Template

It provides you hundreds of video templates on the Front end account and these video can be used to make Animation, Mov file, Mp4 file, Motion Object, Intro & Outro video.

This is to avoid high video exit rate or pause rate on Youtube (if your Intro is not engaging within the first 15 seconds, people will usually pass your video)

Features 02: Can Insert Background Audio File

The biggest competitor of Vidicious is 100% Viddyoze. But Viddyoze has a cons because it just use its own Audio and it has option to mute that audio file, which this app, you can upload your own custom audio file, which is an advantage when comparing with the big UK Company.

Features 03: Color Switcher

You are not locked by just using the same video style over and over, you can switch the color of your video animation. This method will avoid distraction and not make your video boring if people see your same style over and over.

Features 04: Preview Video before Rendering

As a desktop application, you can generate as many video as you want. But you know, even if you download unlimited video, it’s still better if you can preview your video instead of making too many and download over and over, which costs you tons of time and will decrease your productivity.

After posting this brief introduction about the product Vidicious, i hope that you have understand a bit about it. And to my personal recommendation, this is a great software as a service from a big video company (the team behind Explaindio, Doodleoze, Tik Video Cyborg and many other video creator)

To proceed further information, you can visit the following resources:

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