Motvio Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy Motvio, a product from Devid Farah, it’s recommended for you to understand the feature and the value it is bringing to you at first. And this Motvio review will show you the main feature you will get after you make a purchase at $36 for the front end account.

Features 01: Upload Video

As a video hosting service, the most important feature is about to upload video file into their server. But please notice, as this is a one time price so we can not expect to upload unlimited video, in fact, the front end account only accepts maximium 5 GB in the hosting storage. But to my personal opinion, this is acceptable and you don’t have to pay any fixed monthly price.

Features 02: Share and Embed Video

After the video has been stored in the server, you can embed it and share it online. Of course, it has its own video player. The good thing is that it can both be used as a video popup on your site or can be embeded as usual in your website. So, if you sell course or you simply need a video on your salespage, all these options are great for you.

And don’t forget that with the video embedded on your site, it can be played as a Picture during the time people scrolling on your blog.

Features 03: Text to Speech

To support you in creating videos for your business, it is included with a Text to Speech features. However, don’t expect this TTS to be natural and humanistic because that’s not the core value from the application (you can expect instead for products like Speechelo and Synthesys)

Features 04: Audio Library

Besides TTS features, the product creator also includes for you some Royalty Free Music Track (not stock assets from Pixabay) and you have license to upload for your Youtube video or any video you upload on the internet.

After posting this real information about the product Motvio, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, you can visit the following resources:

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