ProfitMeet Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy ProfitMeet, a product made from Raduh, it’s highly needed to understand what is it and how it works at first. This ProfitMeet review will break you down all the features and benefits after using the software itselfs.

Features 01: Record Audio

The tool allows you to make an Audio Conference and to record an Audio Meeting Room. In fact, it’s a cool benefit if you don’t intend to make video training session or a live chat sessions with visitors/audiences. For sure, the Audio Recording features will work for any Meeting types you choose, which is up to 5 right now.

Features 02: Record Video Screen

You can record screen during your video conference. If you are a teacher, you will need to record screen, can be your PDF and/or Powerpoint files. And it should work for any browser without any issue, this is a guarantee from the product creator.

Features 03: Share Files

When you teach something or you make a presentation, there will be some downloadble file that you want to share with people like a PDF file, a powerful presentation, a work file and many other. With that features, you can upload into their server and then allow audiences to download the file directly into their PC.

Features 04: Create Meeting Schedule

To make your presentation to be more realistic, you can make a schedule. So, it just broadcasts and goes live for the specific time you have set. And when you make a schedule, a live link is kept for month after month, year after year until to delete the Schedule.

After posting this brief introduction about the product ProfitMeet, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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