Explaindio Elements Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you make a purchase with Explaindio Elements, it’s needed for you to understand what it is and how it works at first. This Explaindio Elements review will walk you through the features and the value you are getting inside the software application.

Features 01: Logo/Openers Video Editor

It can be used as a direct alternative to Viddyoze and many other Jvzoo video app like Video Dashboard, Video App Suite in terms of Logo/Openers/Outro video. With tons of pre-made video template, all you have to do with these logo is to upload your own image file and maybe you can add some text session if required.

Features 02: Doodle Animated Video Templates

Doodle style video is one of the highest converting video if advertised through Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads and Instagram Ads. With that video type, the most important part is about the Doodle Assets and the Doodle Style Video Template. Lucky you, inside your one time purchase with the software, you have hundreds of pre-made video templates to create Doodle video almost instantly.

Features 03: Easily Adjust Animation Elements

For the animation elements you have, you can easily adjust the speed rate and also to adjust how they display towards the video viewer. Because you should understand that without any animation, hand-drawing action, your video looks so boring and people may skip your video or they hit the pause button during the time they play that video.

Features 04: Ready to Go Video preset

Besides Doodle video template, it also contains some preset video animation. With these preset video, you can upload your own existing Mp4 video file, your own image file and add with your own text, as a result, you can see your video has been customized to be in a higher level.

After posting this brief introduction about the product, i hope that you have understand a bit about it. And to proceed further information, you can visit the following resources:



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