Email Videos Pro Review and The Feature Breakdown

In this Email Videos Pro review, we are here to break you down the core feature and the core benefit of using the tool from Med and Mario Brown. As you know, when you buy something online, we need to understand about its software usage case and core value instead of just buying to try and then request to refund.

Features 01: Tons of Video Template

The software allows you to create video directly inside their dashboard and i think this is a huge time saver towards marketer. I have visited the templates here and i see all of them are local marketing templates that you can use to deliver services with any local business online.

Not just that, the video duration of each video template here is about 30 seconds with all the designs, format are done for you. To edit video, you have to do almost nothing, just edit the text, edit the image (if you want) and then you just hit render your video, nothing else to do here.

Features 02: Upload video

Your creativity should never be limited and in fact, you and import and upload your video from any resource online. It can either from your own PC or you can provide the Youtube link, Vimeo link and Wistia link and as a result, you have ready to go video from here.

Features 03: HTML Code

The software will host that video for you with free of charge for the video hosting. You only need to determine the time for your video, then, you have an embed code as an html format that guarantees to work with any email service provider online. And as in this membership, i see it works for various email provider so you don’t have to worry if your service is not listed here.

After posting this brief introduction about the app, we hope that you have already understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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