PointRank 2.0 Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy a product on the internet, it’s highly needed for you to understand about the full features and the full values you are getting inside the product. So, this Pointrank 2.0 review will help you this stuff and this provides you quality information you must understand so that your purchase to Tom’s app will be a satisfaction.

Features 01: Video/Thumbnail Gallery

This will allow you to host video and thumbnail into their library. Comparing with other cloud-based tool such as Livereel, this tool is better some little bit because it doesn’t have limitation about video size you can upload while you have limitation for Livereel app and some other video app from guys like Sam Bakker and more.

For thumbnail, you can also design with their drag & drop image editor, no problem because everything is simple thanks to their easy image customization tool. Of course, it’s just a usual graphic editor, not a huge library of thumbnail like Thumbnail Blaster or Thumbreel.

Features 02: Automatic Social Syndication

To rank content, sometimes, you need backlink. And the cool backlink source for your video traffic can be from social media networks like Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr and Twitter. But please note, don’t abuse them because all the links you share on these places are nofollow links, which don’t affect much on SEO, but, it helps you prevent spam really well if you have tons of follow backlink. To me, for each post campaign, video campaign, you have at least 10 links for social media, web 2.0 and tons of others through Syndbuddy backlink plattform.

Features 03: Extract High Ranking Data

To rank your own video, sometimes, you need to learn from your competitors. That’s where you can extract high ranking data from your competitor. So, you can replicate their Titles, Descriptions and Tags and then edit their link with your own link, so, you steal the free traffic that your competitor has made, what a winning strategy.

Features 04: Publish Live Events/Schedule Live Video

This is the most important features of the tool. It doesn’t just publish live events and live videos, it can also publish the automation for a specific amount of time.

After posting this real content about the product, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information about the tool, please jump into the following resources:



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