VideoTours360 Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy a product on the internet, it’s highly needed for you to understand about the features and the value the app is providing to you at first. So, we publish this VideoTours360 review as a way to break you down the core features and the core benefits people are getting.

Features 01: Video Live Chat

This feature in my opinion is great for those who sell Virtual Reality Agency service because you might need to showcase your portfolio. And in that portfolio, you allow people, the audiences to do live chat with you and both show their face, camera & speech. Of course, when people have some impression during the time they visit your virtual tour, they definitely have an interest to buy your service at super high price.

Features 02: Enable Floor Plan

Business have location and that location should have an available map. And with the Floor Plan, you can show for people multiple floor for a business location. If you sell this to cafeteria, restaurant, they would be so grateful because they trick allows their customers, audiences to understand more in depth about their business location, centre. So, please, prepare a map of a location or you can upload a 3D Floor Plan (you can hire an architect to draw for you)

Features 03: Setup Background Sound

When people visit your virtual tour, they can hear the background sounding, which we call the Ambients. If you provide for business like Bar, Beer Club, they definitely need this because their audiences know what they hear and the feeling when they visit the business area. So, basically, it’s the winning strategy towards your business success.

Features 04: Enable Signup Modal

You may want to connect your autoresponder service. After that, you can provide the Signup Modal for this. As a result, whenever people visit your tour, before they view, they must enter their Name + the email Address. So, you can benefit this high value features to provide lead generation as an add-on bundle for realtors, contractors plus many other businesses.

Features 05: Free Video Hosting + Add Multiple Scenes

This app is basically a video creator for 360 Degree Virtual Tour. And in this video creator, you can upload multiple scene, i think this fits for business location that have various space, multiple floors, etc.

After posting this brief introduction about the product, i hope that you have understand so clear about it. And in my opinion, it’s a great product, it’s software that you can have a try. To proceed further information about the app, please jump into the below resources:

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