IVidz Review and The Feature Breakdown

When a product is brought into the internet, you should understand about the features and the value from it. So, we publish this Ividz review as a way to break you down the benefits from the tool itselfs.

Features 01: Video Funnel Builder

This is the most unique feature from the app that you won’t find elsewhere with a low one time price. Basically, you can insert multiple videos into that funnel and a call to action link into that funnel. People can continue watching the next video or they visit a url, that’s depended on the choice they make.

Features 02: Play Button

Besides having a custom video player, you also have access to their large button. In fact, a big button like this will dramatically expand your video click through rates & play rate. As a result, you have more video views and more money loaded on your bank account.

Features 03: Free Video Hosting

This is a huge budget saving from the tool. Why you need to pay monthly fee while you can pay one time price for the proven vendors, Mike & Brett, the men behind multiple successful 6 figures Jvzoo launches, we expect no less since the goodness from Vidyz of both v1 and v2.

Features 04: Video Embed

You can share their raw video url or you can embed that video code into any external page, funnel builder. With that beind said, you can use it into any launch project, website builder you want, so, you are not limited.

Features 05: Page Creation

This is an addon features for those who want to increase conversion. Basically, you can insert Countdown Timer, Button text plus button url to increase conversion rate, scarcity and click through rates. So, you can use this landing page for affiliate promo and a lot other purposes.

After posting this brief introduction about the product, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:



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