Flixsterz Review and The Feature Breakdown

Flicksterz Review

Before you buy any product on the internet, it’s always needed to understand the features and the value you are getting as a customer from the product. Understanding about that, we need this Flixsterz review to break you down its features and benefits.

Features 01: Enable Paid Subscription

This is a great features that enable you to monetize from your video site. It can be by collecting money for video subscription, video course, video conference and people can only watch your video if they pay the amount for you. Sometimes, you can use this technology to raise donation.

Features 02: Free Hosting + Pixel Integration

You will have free video site hosting from the product creator under their subdomain. As a result, your video site has SSL cerficiate. Presently, the big cons from the tool is that it doesn’t have custom domain option, which makes it lose towards Kaptiwa 3.0.

And you can setup pixel tracking script to run Facebook, Google Ads Retargeting or simply to track visitors engagement, interaction on your video sites. Not just that, this also allows you to work with third party popup/notification bar/lead generation app and to request Google index for your video site.

Features 03: Video Management

Inside the tool, you can manage all the video you have imported. You can set video privacy, which can be public, can be through payment and can be private, unlisted. Besides, you can edit your video titles and video description to whatever you want or even to switch a thumbnail to be your very own.

Features 04: Video Importer

This allows you to import any video from Youtube (for FE purchases) and from other places (for Pro purchase) by using channel id, using keyword. By default, it will grab all the content such as Titles and Description. Every single video will be grabbed into one page and in that page, you can see they use their own video player instead of traditional Youtube player.

After posting this brief introduction about the product, i hope that you have understand about it. And 100%, it’s a nice product we should have a try. To proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:


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