Toonly Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy any product on the internet, it’s highly needed for you to understand the features and the value from using it. This Toonly review will break you down all the features you need to understand before you buy.

Features 01: Animated Cartoon Background

As a cartoon video creator, we definitely need animation background. And these backgrounds are all proven to work for multiple business niche, business project. They are not usual background, they are motion background and you can insert additional animation effect if you want. For each video, you can create multiple scenes, this mean you can make for multiple background.

Features 02: Animated Characters

Besides the background, you also have a template gallery of animated characters. Each character comes with multiple animation effect and you have freedom to drag it, resize it to fit your desired video format.

Features 03: Animation Settings

It has multiple Objects besides the Characters & Background. And even with the objects, it comes loaded with animation effect and default motion. That will stay your video away from being boring towards video viewers.

Features 04: Audio Library + Record Voiceover

There is no Text to Speech features from the tool itselfs. Instead, you will need to record your own voiceover file. And you also have pre-done Background Audio from their library so just choose and drag them into your video editor.

Features 05: Include Video Preset

If you lack idea on video creation, don’t worry because the product creator has some preset video that you can use and render video immediately. As you can see, each preset has the pre-done perfect scenes, backgrounds and audio file. So, you can learn from the product creator and set your own suitable one.

After posting this brief introduction about the product Toonly, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information about the product, you can visit the following resources:

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